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They all say that science and technology are the primary productive forces. "scientific and technological innovation and popularization are the two wings of innovative development.
In order to fully implement the spirit of scientific development, the second guangdong science and technology department, guangdong provincial association for science and technology led the initiative, guangdong science center, tencent • guangdong network jointly organized the second guangdong science and technology carnival, will be held in guangdong science and technology center from October 12 to October 13!

At the same time, our company was invited to participate in the second guangdong science popularization carnival, and we held the E013 exhibition in E pavilion. At that time, our company will carry the new product "micro family planter", through the artificial lighting system and timing control system, basically realize the simple automation of the planting system, easy to operate, and at the scene of the popular science exchange, and thank you for your attention and support to guangzhou lenong lighting technology co., LTD. We sincerely invite all friends to visit the booth and look forward to your visit!

Pavilion name: guangdong science center
Address: no. 168, popular science road, university town, panyu district, guangdong province
Exhibition time: October 12th to 13th (10:00-16:30)


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