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The planting principle of aerosol cultivation of vegetables, is to add a variety of required nutrient solution in the pure water, and then through the ultrasonic aerosol device, the nutrient solution will be atomized into fog droplets, regular spray to the root of vegetables, so as to meet the needs of vegetable growth of water and nutrients.

In Rio nong light test lab has been covered with lush cabbage stem of this column is "great circle barrels" aerosol the cultivation, indoor surface adopt vertical form fill light, use the lamps and lanterns is our research and development of king kong lamp of 100 w and 300 w flying saucer lamps, light time every 13 h, the temperature between 20 ℃ and 25 ℃, humidity is between 70% and 80%, the entire environmental system is especially suitable for plants to grow plants plant leaf vegetables.

Aerosol cultivation is a three-dimensional cultivation with a wide range of suitable cultivars, and the production efficiency is several times higher than that of ordinary tillage and conventional soilless cultivation.

After the vegetables cultivated by air mist grow up, not only the food taste is higher than the soilless cultivation deep water shelf, and because of its rapid growth, these vegetables can also stay fresh for a long time not old, because there is no need for soil and pesticides so avoid a lot of diseases and insect pests and heavy metal pollution.


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