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On the afternoon of March 4, the innovation technology forum of ocean and agricultural photoelectricity and the establishment ceremony of the special committee of ocean photoelectricity and agricultural lighting were held in hall 5, zone B, guangzhou Canton fair. This forum is sponsored by guangdong optoelectronic technology association, industry experts, enterprise representatives and other relevant people gathered at the venue, together talk about the development of Marine, agricultural optoelectronic way.

The development cost of ocean optoelectronics needs to be reduced urgently

"Light is closely related to everyday activities such as growth, development, reproduction and feeding of Marine life." Chen zetang, chairman of guangzhou seal optoelectronic technology co., LTD., introduced that with the rapid development of optoelectronic technology, LED has been widely used in the aquatic industry, so that LED can replace natural light, directly affecting the reproduction, development, state, quantity and distribution of Marine organisms, as well as the Marine fishing industry.

However, due to the harsh Marine environment, uneven industry standards and many other factors, the development speed of LED in the Marine environment field is affected. "The deadweight of a water light is too high, and a 300-500 watt LED light usually weighs more than five times as much as a 1,000-watt metal halide light." Xiong zhengye, a professor of science at guangdong ocean university, said that in the future, LED lamp manufacturers should work with relevant research and development units and researchers to ensure the quality of fish lamp stable, external more optimized.

Weizhi - bailun third generation of LED set fish lamp details

Intelligent plant lighting facilitates the development of modern facility agriculture

Modern facility agriculture is an important way to ensure national food security and agricultural products in the future. The development of facility agriculture urgently needs the support of intelligent light environment regulation and semiconductor lighting technology, so as to overcome the light adversity, create a suitable light environment, and achieve "efficient, high-quality and stable" agricultural production. LED is an ideal light source for agricultural lighting in modern facilities, which makes agricultural semiconductor lighting possible and realizes intelligent control of light environment.

"Plant lighting should be studied in terms of light formula, light quality ratio and combination, light quality and light intensity combination, and light supply strategy, so as to adapt to the development of modern facility agriculture." South China agricultural university facility agriculture science and engineering department professor liu houcheng said. In the future, as the LED light formula agricultural application research based on large data, agricultural LED lamps and lanterns and intelligent control LED to demonstrate the application and key technology research and development, and agriculture industry support, will be in agriculture lighting factory nursery, planting industry upgrading, family gardening market, special medicinal crops, plants, factories, etc, "fist".

Guangdong LED agricultural lighting enterprises account for 50% of the country

"Intelligent agricultural lighting and light environment regulation is one of the important technical measures to realize the sustainable development of modern agriculture, but LED agricultural lighting is still in its infancy in China, and the market demand is increasing year by year." Guangzhou force nong lighting technology co., LTD., general manager of thunder is introduced, by 2018, global plant lantern fair except in mainland China, the most mature region for North America, Europe and Japan, statistics show that the United States and Japan region well-known manufacturers accounted for 37% and 23% respectively, is the most active area of plant lamp application market.

Thunder, general manager of guangzhou linong lighting technology co. LTD

Although China started late in the field of plant lighting, its development speed is very fast. Both in terms of the number of enterprises and the output of lamps and lanterns, China will soon surpass the United States and Japan and become the world's main production base. At present, there are more than 600 enterprises engaged in LED agricultural lighting. Guangdong province is the main province where LED agricultural lighting enterprises are distributed, accounting for as much as 50% in the whole country, followed by Yangtze river delta, accounting for 30%.

Thunder expresses, guangdong develops agricultural illume to have advantaged advantage. It is understood that guangdong province is the main concentration of LED packaging and power enterprises, according to GSC monitoring data, about 70% of the packaging enterprises and 85% of the power enterprises concentrated in guangdong province, enterprises in the choice of raw materials have more options. Moreover, more than 60% of LED general lighting enterprises in China are located in guangdong province. With the gradual maturity of LED agricultural lighting market, more and more LED general lighting enterprises will enter the LED agricultural lighting field.

At the meeting, at the same time held the guangdong province optoelectronic technology association ocean optoelectronic special committee and guangdong province optoelectronic technology association agricultural lighting special committee establishment ceremony, guangdong province optoelectronic technology association President wen shangsheng, secretary general liang xuejian for the special committee awarded.

Author: ke yueying, reporter of south rural daily


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