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Some people say that "light is to space, just as air is to life". In modern home design, light belt seems to have become an indispensable element in lighting layout, playing an important role in enriching indoor light environment, shaping space levels and aesthetic decoration.

See the light but not the light

In lighting design, the so-called "light without light" refers to the use of multiple hidden light sources to evenly illuminate the wall. This concept is also known as "light washing", which was proposed by Richard Kelly and Philips Johnson. Now this kind of "light washes the wall" lighting design has become the most commonly used lighting method for designers, and the main use is actually led light strip.

Light wash wall effect

The wonderful use of lamp belt

The concealed installation of the light belt in the ceiling, wall, skirting line and other areas can not only outline the outline of the space, eliminate shadows and reduce glare, but also create unexpected visual effects through flexible application.

The lamp belt is fitted or hidden in the cabinet, which can not only play the auxiliary lighting, but also avoid the influence of the darkness inside the cabinet on the vision and weaken the sense of closure. It can be used on the cabinet cabinet to improve the safety of cutting vegetables and cooking.

                                            Kitchen light belt effect

                                                 Cloakroom effect

  • The arrangement of the light belt in the stairwell can solve the lighting problem of the stairwell, without having to go up and down in the dark. Moreover, compared with other lighting lamps and lanterns, the application of light belt can make ordinary stairs into "net red", which is very beautiful and artistic.

Staircase effect

  • Light strip design for wall / ceiling

The wall lighting design of living room, bedroom, TV cabinet, etc. is often the key display area for home decoration designers to display their skills, and it is also the main foil element that can express the design style. It is better to match the lamp belt with the space to render the taste style.

Installation effect of light belt in living room

Bathroom effect

It can be said that although the light belt is a very simple lighting tool, it can reshape the hierarchical beauty full of sentiment in the minimalist space form.

Selection of light bar

See here, said so much, so if do not install lamp belt, whether to decorate to have influence? What needs to be explained here is that if the home space is originally relatively small, there is no comprehensive lighting requirements, and the requirements for home design atmosphere are not high, then there is no need for light belt.

When choosing the light belt, we should not only consider the quality of the light belt, but also pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Color: considering the collocation of space design style, choose the appropriate color of LED light belt. Generally warm white light, can create a very warm atmosphere;
  • Color rendering: efficient color rendering can effectively restore the real color and reduce glare and discomfort.
  • Flexible: the light belt should have enough flexibility, which can be folded and bent flexibly according to different design shapes, to outline the smart light beauty;
  • Waterproof: if it is installed in the kitchen or outdoor, it also needs to have waterproof characteristics;

Light belt -- the design language of space rendering and practical lighting, simple but not simple, highlighting the taste and not losing the introverted, whether used in home or shopping malls, can reach a new height!


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